Music Documentaries

Music Documentaries

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Music Documentaries
  • Teen a Go Go: A Little Film about Rock and Roll History

    TEEN A GO GO explores the Teen Scene phenomenon through the eyes and hearts of musicians across the country and one particularly unique and influential community in Fort Worth, Texas. The musicianship and influence this community contributed to Rock & Roll is both unprecedented and impressive in ...

  • The Legend of Cool "Disco" Dan (DOCUMENTARY)

    Cool "Disco" Dan is a mascot of Washington DC. Newspapers, politicians, and the general public championed him but no one knew him or his story. This movie is a historical film that cracks the mystery of DC's most underground cult character.

  • Wheat City Hardcore

    Brandon, Manitoba may not stand out on the nation's musical map. But for independent musicians touring Canada in the 1990s, The Wheat City was a punk rock hotbed.

  • Put It in the Pocket: DC’s Go-Go Music (DOCUMENTARY)

    This documentary is about a genre of music unique to D.C. called Go-Go. Go-Go music is more than just music to D.C. natives; it’s part of their culture. Get an inside look at the music that shaped D.C.’s culture.

  • Vinyl Revolution

    Vinyl has made an unlikely comeback and it's shaking up the music business...again. Vinyl records were obsolete for decades but are driving a billion-dollar business in 2017. Why are we falling in love with music all over again on vinyl?

  • Betty Blowtorch and Her Amazing True Life Adventures

    For two years a filmmaker follows the all-girl rock band "Betty Blowtorch", documenting the band's ferocious sound and dangerously low-tech pyrotechnic show, unaware of the turmoil and tragedy that she will ultimately capture.