Horror Shorts

Horror Shorts

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Horror Shorts
  • Mashed Potato Face

    A potato-based killer intrudes upon a family in the middle of dinner. Based on a true fear.

  • The Callback

    An aspiring actress is asked to go on a callback only to find out the filmmaker's intentions are darker than she ever anticipated.

  • "Gumdrop", a short horror

    Exclusively on ThrilzTV. Appearances can be deceiving.
    Meet Sampson, a solitary arms distributor with a mysterious double life, where the tools of the trade are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Based on a true crime figure, this is "Sampson's" origin story, based on the true crime/horror sho...

  • Doll Killer 3

    This third and final installment picks up on the same night as the previous installment as Charlie Crandall crashes a nearby slumber party before his final showdown with Doll Restoration Artist Stephanie.

  • The Witch Will Kill You For Your Youth And Beauty

    An evil witch will stop at nothing to restore her youth and beauty.

  • The Shadow II

    A routine night for a young couple quickly turns into a nightmare after an unexpected visitor arrives in their home.

  • The Wicked End

    Two aging superheroes, who find themselves increasingly irrelevant, reminisce on their glory days while a bomb ticks toward their demise.