Horror Features

Horror Features

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Horror Features
  • All Hallows Eve: October 30th

    Twenty years after the psychotic episode in Pearl Lake on October 30th, 1988, the so-called events of "missing people" begins again.

  • Devil's Island

    A young woman inherits a small island in New York and discovers it has a dangerous history.

  • VS Volume 2

    Xu Xang is back and ready to slice and dice. The Sarri and the Terraven continue to fight as the Gods use the world as one big boxing ring. Xu Xang must also fight her inner Demon. Her Nemesis.

  • Ghost Crew

    The chilling murder of a young woman sparks a deadly obsession to uncover her killer and unleashes a terrifying supernatural force.

  • Brew House

    When five urban explorers enter an abandoned brewery to film the latest episode of their web series, they disturb the final resting place of a group of artists that once called it home. Paranoia and mistrust spread amongst the group.

  • Night Hunt

    A fast-paced violent horror movie with a social twist, Night Hunt is more than the story of a brutal killer roaming the streets of Chicago. It’s also the story of two restless warrioresses to save the city they love.

  • Scare Bear

    Tommy, a troubled young man takes a trip to the woods where his sister Grace went missing over 15 years ago. Forced to confront the demons of his past he must overcome a dangerous figure stalking him that goes by the name of "Mr. Bones".

  • SlashFM

    On Halloween Night, Count Slashula, the fiendishly charming host of ‘Slash FM’ will be presenting and warning viewers about the creepy stories they are about to watch involving death, blood, and some laughs.

  • Rows

    A young woman delivers an eviction notice to a witch. Put under a spell, Rose must repeat a series of surreal or terrifying events in order to solve the mystery and break the spell.

  • Video Killer: The Babyface Murders

    When Amy receives a haunted video tape containing weird films from a figure stalking her, she realizes that she is not alone and must find other victims who are being haunted, in order to find out who is trying to kill them.

  • Body Farm

    An independent film company sends a filmmaker ahead of a story to investigate a body farm where human decomposition is researched. The footage she sends back leads the rest of her team to follow in her footsteps to uncover a grisly medical abyss.

  • Demon Resurrection

    A group of friends travels to a remote house to stage an intervention for a troubled young woman and ends up in a life-or-death battle with crazed cultists who believe she's carrying the offspring of their demonic god.
    It's "Rosemary's Baby" meets "Night of the Living Dead," as cultists send an a...

  • Ozone

    While on a stakeout, hardboiled cop Eddie Boone gets injected with a dangerous new designer drug with nightmarish side effects — the streets are now full of mutants, monsters, and mayhem!

  • Shock Value

    Miles Fowler makes horror movies. After witnessing a real-life murder, he blackmails the killer to star in his next film, but when cameras roll, "creative differences" put everyone's life in turnaround.

  • Morbid

    A group of friends attend a sleepover party and play a Japanese game called Morbid, but their answers to the game could make the difference between life and death.

  • The Haunting of Julia Fields

    Based on a true story. A young, small-town girl moves out on her own for the first time in hopes of finding a new beginning, only to realize her new home has something sinister lurking.

  • I Eat Your Skin

    In search of material for a new novel, a writer and his publisher venture to a remote Caribbean island, where they discover a voodoo cult and a scientist creating a world-conquering army of zombies.

  • Rise of the Scarecrows: Hell on Earth

    A young writer returns to his hometown and soon discovers the dark secret that has been hidden for years. The Scarecrows have risen and they are raising hell.

  • Curse of the Slasher Nurse

    When a group of friends gathers at a secluded cabin in the woods for the weekend, they discover the story of an escaped mental patient dressed as a nurse, and soon, the bodies begin to appear… in pieces!

  • Caroushell

    Duke, a carousel unicorn, breaks free of his carnival hell and embarks on a bloody rampage of revenge on humanity.

  • Dollface: Terror on Route Nine

    A small group of friends embark on the newest Internet challenge. Called the "Route Nine Challenge", it’s all fun and games. Until the challenge turns into survival.

  • Zombie Cop

    During a routine drug bust, a cop dies at the hands of a Haitian voodoo doctor. Several nights later, they both return as members of the undead. Zombie Cop enlists the help of his human partner to stop the doctor's nefarious plans for world domination!

  • The Woods

    When a college professor gives students a project to complete, they are lured into the woods as each one of them turns up missing!

  • Insecticidal

    Sorority girl Cami's experiment in insect intelligence goes awry, leaving giant, mutant insects hunting for food in a sorority house – and by 'food' we mean sorority sisters.