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  • Epic Ghosts and Paranormal Hauntings

    The cries of a howling ghost still echo through the woods in Miramichi, New Brunswick. Many believe it is the spirit of Ryan Garvon, a 1920s lumberjack, who when food was scarce, became the main course.

  • Paranormal: Rosslyn Chapel

    Explore this enigmatic paranormal hot spot of supernatural mysteries which abound at Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel, one of the most mysterious places in the world. From the Holy Grail to the Secret Templar text, and Dark Magick.

  • The Haunting of Oakleigh House: Where Shadows Lie in Wait

    Built in 1883, historic Oakleigh House of Mobile, AL is one of the South’s most haunted locations. Shadow figures, ghostly voices, and hair-raising encounters intrigue Ericka and her team as they investigate Oakleigh’s dark and fascinating legacy.

  • Ghost and Demon Children of the Damned

    Ghosts and demons send chills up your spine, but there is something extra disturbing when they are Children! These Children of the Damned are found shrieking in tunnels, moving objects, animating dolls, haunting the living, and... looking for revenge.

  • The Harrisville Haunting: The Real Conjuring House

    Four paranormal researchers and YouTubers document the paranormal claims of the former Arnold family farmhouse built in 1736. Now known as the Harrisville Farmhouse and the inspiration for the well known movie "The Conjuring".

  • Beyond The Grave: Unforgotten Voices

    In this revealing film, stories are told from those who have experienced the life-changing loss of a loved one. This compelling exploration of mortality and the afterlife features an international psychic medium, Ericka Boussarhane.

  • Investigating the Afterlife

    Determined to find proof of the paranormal, an amateur ghost hunter assembles friends and family to investigate paranormal hotspots in Gettysburg, California, and Ohio.

  • The Castle Project

    As an architect begins renovations to convert an old castle to a hotel, he uncovers more than he was expecting. He and his team of contractors experience hauntings and find what could be a portal to the afterlife.

  • Haunted: Indiana State Sanatorium

    Three paranormal investigators enter what is said to be the most haunted location in the Midwest. Over the last 100 years, the property has housed thousands of deaths, murders, suicide, and countless acts of foul play. In the end, they captured a ghost on film.

  • Spirit Box The Movie

    Life-t- Afterlife expert Craig McMahon, communicates with the dead using an Instrumental transcommunication, known as the, "Spirit Box".

  • Real Haunts 3

    An Original Documentary Film that explores four famous haunted hot spots with host Mark "The Beard of Knowledge" Hall-Patton and a team of Ghost Hunters that uncover the secrets at an Abandoned Asylum, Goldfield Ghost Town, the Sea Lab Museum, and more.

  • Spirits in the Swamp

    Murder, mayhem and the paranormal are intertwined with history and legend in this Original Documentary that explores the most haunted area in Florida, USA. Historians and Ghost Hunters explore and uncover the ghostly secrets caught on camera in this film.

  • The Life after Death Project 3: Seance Encounters

    A sequel to THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT 1 and 2 - a documentary focusing on 4 days and 3 nights in which a team of 12 scientists, psychic mediums and authors explore reports of paranormal activity in a former museum of sci-fi & horror, & hold a seance.

  • Rinaldi: Instrumental Transcommunication to the Other Side

    A slight and unassuming Brazilian researcher, Sonia Rinaldi, brings forth evidence of an Afterlife via various processes of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC).

  • Spirit Box The Movie 2

    In this sequel, Life to Afterlife expert Craig McMahon communicates with the dead using an Instrumental trans-communication, known as Spirit Box.

  • The Ghosts of Somerville: Old Dutch Parsonage

    The Ghosts of Somerville - Old Dutch Parsonage” is the second in this paranormal film series of hauntings in the historic town of Somerville, New Jersey.