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  • UFO Aliens Disclosed: Paranormal or Planetary?

    Are aliens paranormal in nature? Or beings from another planet like us? Guests discuss some brief UFO sightings and reflect on the nature of UFOs and aliens. Extraterrestrial intelligence from outer space could be something more than we know.

  • Dreamland: A Storming Area 51 Story

    A life-long alien enthusiast and comedian, Brian Moreno, hires a wild crew to follow him on his extra-terrestrial fact finding adventure to the viral "Storming Area 51" event.

  • Alien Agenda: Planet Earth

    In this definitive expose, see amazing UFO photos and footage and hear abductees share their riveting testimonies that lead to only one conclusion - we are not alone.

  • UFO Chronicles: The Black Programs

    Researcher Michael Schratt claims to have had first-hand experience with classified "Black Programs". Explore the ramifications of the alien presence on earth.

  • Chilbolton Incident

    In 1974, NASA sent a message into deep space containing information about humanity, and earth. Twenty-seven years later a response appears in Chilbolton, England. Is it an ingeniously sophisticated joke, or is it something else?

  • ETs Among Us Presents: Alaska's Secret Pyramid & Worldwide Alien Archaeology

    Cybela Clare's cutting-edge series "ETs Among Us Presents: Alaska's Secret Pyramid and Worldwide Alien Archaeology" features Peabody Award winner Linda Moulton Howe, "Monuments of Mars" author Richard C. Hoagland, the History Channel's David Childress.

  • The Man Who Sees UFOs

    Internet UFO-hunting sensation Christo Roppolo continues his fierce and passionate exploration of extraterrestrial truth along the rugged beaches of the California Central Coast. However, much like his martian anomalies, life proves unpredictable.

  • Into the Light: An Exploration of the Spook Light Phenomenon

    The Spook Light is a paranormal phenomenon observed between Missouri and Oklahoma that has mystified scientists for more than a century. Are these lights of alien origin or within the supernatural realm? Our research team sets out to reveal the truth.

  • The Middle

    A documentary film by director and filmmaker Donald Ledesma. Story of an Oregon Ufologist named Terry Linch, who had a close encounter sighting a giant U.F craft in 2018—and now putting the story together of numerous sightings in the area.

  • Mufon and Ufos: The Proof Is Out There

    Researchers have been searching for proof of extraterrestrial life for years. Earl Anderson, the head of Investigations of MUFON Los Angeles, and his team search for proof of the existence of UAPs and life beyond planet Earth.

  • UFO Chronicles: Cosmic Watergate

    Convinced that UFOs are not only real but the government has known about them since 1947, Stanton Friedman, a former nuclear physicist exposes the many layers of the conspiracy regarding the UFO presence on earth.

  • Alien Contactees: Close Encounters

    Two CE5 Alien Contactees share their experiences and views on channeling E.T.s, angels, and visiting alien worlds.

  • The UFO Chronicles: A History of Mysterious Sightings

    Written, performed, and illustrated by AI. Join us as we recount the riveting history of UFO sightings and alien encounters. The truth is out there. Let's find it together.