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  • Bigfoot, Mothman and the Chupacabra: The Cryptid Files

    Discover the myths and realities of three elusive cryptids in our groundbreaking documentary, written, performed, and illustrated with the latest in Artificial Intelligence. Join us now for a spellbinding journey into the unknown.

  • 13th Child: Jersey Devil

    An in-depth look at one of the most horrifying legends of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. "The Jersey Devil is a common element of folklore in the southern New Jersey and Philadelphia areas." Wikipedia

  • Dogman Tales

    What is "Dogman"? How is it related to Sasquatch? In this compelling documentary, several researchers and experts discuss the Cryptid, Dogman.

  • Bigfoot Encounters

    Since the first recorded sighting of Bigfoot in 1811, a stream of reports and media has flooded newspapers, television, and the Internet, and an astonishing number of people have had first-hand experiences

  • The Back 80: A Modern Day Bigfoot Encounter

    One afternoon during the summer of 2013, a woman’s world is turned upside down after seeing a creature cross the road in front of her. She soon realizes she's not alone on her property and struggles to separate the truth from her obsession.

  • Sullivan Creek Sasquatch

    Reports of a hairy man-like beast roaming the hills surrounding the picturesque town of Metaline Falls, Washington draw Stephen Major and his Extreme Expeditions Northwest Team in to investigate.

  • Spiritual Bigfoot: A Personal Journey

    Paranormal investigator Alan Megargle embarks on a journey across the United States to make contact with the legendary Bigfoot. Through his travels his experiences compound and his perspective shifts. Could Sasquatch be more than just an elusive primate?

  • Paranormal Bigfoot

    "Paranormal Bigfoot" is an investigation into a segment of the Sasquatch community that believes there is more to this enigmatic creature than a simple animal.

  • Searching For Sasquatch Chapter 3

    In Chapter 3 Jason's Sasquatch expedition leads him into the dark forests of Michigan. Jason and the group are caught off guard by how much activity goes on around them including Screams, whoops, tree knocks, and strange talking.

  • Searching for Sasquatch: Bigfoot Mindspeak

    Jason interviews Robin Haynes McCray a woman who claims to be able to speak with Bigfoot through Telepathic measures called Mindspeak. A unique documentary that is unbelievable, controversial, and a must-watch.

  • Trail of the Kiamichi Beast

    A search for a dangerous Bigfoot leads to the Kiamichi Mountains. The locals want this legend buried, some claim it's a myth, but it's real.

  • Kiamichi Beast Expedition 2

    Master Hughes ventures deep into the wilderness and finds new unseen evidence of Oklahoma's oldest Bigfoot: a 200-year-old legend, the Kiamichi beast.

  • Cascade Bigfoot Blood Mystery

    This is a true story. In the summer of 2021, author Matthew Heines of Encounters USA and Russian Bigfoot researcher Igor Burtsev traveled into the Northern Cascades of Washington State to investigate signs and accounts of Bigfoot activity.

  • Searching For Sasquatch 6: What Lurks in the Darkness

    Join a group of Bigfoot hunters as they journey into the backwoods of Michigan where strange sightings of large hairy creatures have been witnessed jumping out of trees.

  • Panthera Britannia

    "Panthera Britannia" is a feature-length documentary exploring the unusual phenomenon of the United Kingdom’s population of mysterious large cats, which are alleged to be prowling the wilderness and countryside of rural Britain.
    The history, witness testimonies, and scientific analysis of the bes...